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Front Porch Music Festival, June 11

The Family Folk Machine is pleased to participate in this year’s Front Porch Music Festival. The festival has lined up a spectacular variety of musical acts for several porches scattered throughout the Longfellow neighborhood. It will be a great day to stroll through the streets. The FFM will sing some

Free to Be and O, Mary

“Free to Be” is the one song on our FFM spring concert program that the FFM has performed before–the kids sang it at our very first concert, in May of 2013. I’m happy for the kids who have joined us since that time to get to know this optimistic and

Hammer Songs

We have three songs on this concert program that use a hammer as a central image. And there are more folk songs about hammers, like the Lead Belly classic “Take This Hammer”: Were Pete Seeger and Lee Hays thinking partly of John Henry when they chose a hammer to be

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