Business or corporate sponsorship of FAMILY FOLK MACHINE’s Spring concert helps to sustain the long-term vision of the FAMILY FOLK MACHINE, the musical message we present, and the lasting impact the FAMILY FOLK MACHINE has for our members and participants, not to mention our audiences, both online and in person. With a $1,000 investment or more (in-kind or monetary), your business or corporation will be recognized as a major sponsor of our Spring 2024 performance session, and benefit from the following:

*Your full-page ad or company/business logo in our printed concert program

*Recognition and logo on our printed publicity posters, fliers, and postcards

*A standalone featured post on our Facebook page

*An on-stage announcement during our spring concert

Your support ensures that the FAMILY FOLK MACHINE is able to continue to pay for the music, expertise, and venues necessary to bring our concerts to our audience at no cost. Your generosity will be key to the continued growth of the FAMILY FOLK MACHINE and will solidify our ability to share our gifts in and beyond our local community.

To become a major sponsor of the FAMILY FOLK MACHINE, follow the link below, then click on the arrow underneath “Select a Cause” that reads “Individual Donation”, then scroll down and click on “Major Sponsorship” and follow the simple steps!


Please email your finished ad or logo in JPG format to Note58us@yahoo.com

If you would like to become a major sponsor by donating $1,000 or more,
but would prefer to pay by check, please complete the following form
and submit it to the address listed at the bottom of the page. MAJOR SPONSOR 2024 Form